Russia’s Most Intriguing Festivals

With the right blend of culture and art, Russia’s festivals turn out to be a monument. They cater to a broad set of people who seem to be delighted about these festivals. So which among Russia’s festivals(Must Watch) are people most interested in? What lies inside these festivals that qualify them to be appealing? Well, those questions require some serious explanation. So starting from its rightful occurrence, we are going to be looking into these festivals 4d malaysia and help you understand why aspects are quite impressive. Hence, here are Russia’s most intriguing festivals.

Archstoyanie Festival

(July 26 – 28)

Archstoyanie is clearly one of the most remarkable festivals in Russia that tends to redefine art lotto malaysia. The event spans across several villages and forests that are part of the Ugra national park. Since the event uses most of the natural elements, it moves on to be an interactive playground once everything is over. With the music beaming from top musicians, the Archstoyanie festival unites a considerable number of people. Apart from that, the festival also holds a special event for kids that takes place between June 28th to 30th.

Archstoyanie Festival

Alfa Future People Festival

(August 16-18)

In terms of expenses, one can say that the Alfa Future People Festival is one of the most expensive. The event takes place in a secret soviet airfield area that is close to Nizhny Novgorod on the banks of the river Volga. Electronic music and various new technologies tend to be the highlight of the event that also includes a light show. The ambience of the festival can set your mood on fire due to various attractions. With modern technology being showcased amidst attractions like the Church of Michael the Archangel, this festival cannot be missed.

Forma Festival

(July 27-28)

Music and poetry mixed with a bit of diversity tend to contribute to the central theme of this art festival. The Forma Festival is an independent one that has been happening for quite some time. Their concepts keep changing with every year, turning out to be interesting. With major curators and other performers, this event is sure to keep you glued till the end. So if you are someone looking for something different, then the Forma Festival might be your thing.

Music Days on the Roof at VDNKH

Music Days on the Roof at VDNKH

(June 9-September 1)

The roof of the Pavilion, which is also dedicated to the famous monument of a Kolkhoz woman and a worker opens to be the ideal stage for music. The atmosphere is unique since this festival is one of a kind. Since famous musicians come to showcase their raw talent, you might have to wait in line before you can be allowed to get in.