8 Interesting Facts About Russia

Ever thought of travelling to Russia? It is a big country that offers vast travel and a list of adventures. It has one of the oldest cultures and a rich history filled with literature, art, and classical music. Vodka and bears are not the only things Russia has in their accomplishments. Here are some facts about Russia that you should know.

Moscow is home to more billionaires compared to anywhere else, like  in the world per capita. It boasts more billionaire residents in a city than any other country. Forbes confirmed that Moscow has 79 billionaire residents. You can spot any expensive car you can name in this region of Moscow.

region of Moscow

Tetris was introduced to the world by USSR in 1984 when a programmer and scientist Alexey Pazhitnov Invented the Brick Game. Tetris is still played and has major tournaments which offer millions to the gamers.

Russian cats are employed in the Hermitage museum to protect the priceless pieces of art and history from rats. They are a part of the security staff, have a personal passport with a photo. They also receive a regular salary for their services.

Moscow has the third busiest metro in the world after Tokyo and Seoul. There are a total of 12 lines, and more than 6 million people travel in metro daily. But even though there is a rush, the trains are always on time with a time gap of only 40 seconds. There is a clock at each stop to time the metro’s arrival.

Russians also have several religions and superstitions. Many believe that rubbing the dog’s paw will bring them money and making a wish if you can successfully toss a coin inside Peter the Great’s boot. One of the biggest superstition is the first one to enter the new house will die. So they will send a cat because they have nine lives, but if the cat refuses, they tear down the entire house to rebuild it again.

Russia also has the longest railway route in the world. It is known as the Trans-Siberian Railroad and has a length of 9,289 kilometres. The track crosses 8 time zones Singapore sportbook through its entire stretch. It takes more than a week to travel in a train from one point to the other.

The Russian brides have the tradition of going on a city tour after they get married. You can find Russian brides on the streets of the cities enjoying their time alone. They are free to enjoy their days doing whatever they want, and it is their choice whether they want to take their husbands with them or not.

Russian schools teach students to maintain a serious face all the time. It is a part of their discipline to remain serious and avoid smiling in school. Even though they are taught to remain serious, they are taught to help each other and be friendly with strangers. But the world seems to not understand their serious behaviour ace96 casino when they list Russia as one of the top unfriendliest countries in the world.