How to play the Big six wheel game

The Big Six Wheel is a casino game also known as the Wheel of fortune. Casinos generally provide this game for beginners. People who gamble to win these games are generally manipulative risk takers or optimistic dare devils. Weak minded ones can’t last long in this game. In casino games, the gamblers or players gamble casino chips on various possible outcomes or combination of outcomes that could either turn out to be massively profitable or a burdening loss.

How to play The Big Six Wheel

  • The wheel is segmented into 54 slots consisting of one of the 6 symbols or numbers. Out of which 52 slots consist of the symbol or number and the 2 remaining slots are for jokers or other logos. Some of the segments contain the same symbol thus increasing the chances of that particular symbol winning in the คา สิ โน สด game.
  • The player must choose one of the 6 symbols on the fortune table and place bets on it.
  • Later the wheel is spun. When the wheel is spun, a flexible piece of rubber or leather is placed on the tip of the wheel to generate friction to halt the wheel’s spinning.
  • The symbol on which the wheel stops is declared as the winning symbol and all the bets placed on that symbol goes to the player who betted on that. It is basically deciding if the number the player betted on wins or not. Tremendous losses or profits occur by each spin of the wheel.
  • Available bets:: In other words, The wheel can be divided into monetary segments as well where in the segments containing $1 are repeated often thus generating a higher chance but lower payoff. It is also important to consider the house edge as that could largely vary one’s winning sum. The casino has a built in profit system where they take an inconsequential amount of our money on each bets we place either we win or not.
  • To gain the upper hand in this คา สิ โน ไทย game against the house is tough as the game is odds – dependent and doesn’t involve any skill. The only plausible strategy would be to go with the $1 bets as they have the highest chances of winning.
  • Another strategy would be to note the pattern of the spinning wheel. This is a far-fetched one because the dealer always try to make sure there are no patterns forming by always mixing up the speed, direction and hand used to rotate the wheel.
  • Another fact to remember is that Casinos don’t always give you true odds. These odds are filtered by their money laundering thus the house edge is the difference between the true odds sum and the odds the casino pays you when you win.
  • Therefore no matter how much you win, a significant amount of your sum will always go to the mmc996 thai casino.


Different cities have different rules but these set of general rules are common worldwide. That being said, The Big wheel of six is centrally a game of chance and little bit of luck.

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